Conor Pierce

COE Samsung Electronics Polska

From December 22 Conor acts as CEO of Samsung Electronics Polska and is responsible for development of all disvisons including mobile and consumer electronics. Previously as Corporate Vice President, Mobile and IT, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, Conor’s main focus was on spearheading the launch of new best-in-class mobile devices and services and leading the charge in tablets and wearable technology.  
Conor has over 20 years experience in the mobile industry and prior to joining Samsung was Vice President at Nokia Western Europe, where he successfully launched the Nokia Lumia handset range. Over 11 years with Nokia, he managed 21 markets across Middle East & North Africa when based in Dubai as well as leading the business in Turkey and Ireland as Managing Director.  
Outside of work, Conor has three children and each year undertakes an extreme physical challenge for charity, something he has done annually for the last 15 years. These challenges have included everything from hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking in Sahara and climbing the 6,000m Mount Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador to dog-sledding across the Arctic Circle, raising a total of £150,000 to date for a variety of charities.


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Reconnaissance and communication are the keys to success on the multi-domain battlefield