Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska

Podsekretarz Stanu w MKiOŚ

She is an economist by education, an MBA graduate.

She started her professional career in the defence sector companies, where she was in charge, inter alia, of international, restructuring, consolidation projects, international cooperation, strategic business projects, as well as for supervising foreign delegations.

Since 2007, she has worked in the energy sector, also as the President of the Management Board of Elektrownia “Kozienice” S.A.

She also pursued business activity with regard to advisory and consulting services for large-scale energy projects.

Between 2017 and 2019, she was responsible for corporate affairs, PR and communication in the Polish Electricity Association.

She acted as an Expert and Plenipotentiary at the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation. She prepared a model of financing infrastructure investment projects as well as opinions in the process of national and EU legislation related to water management, energy, including the development of renewable energy sources.

In the years 2020-2021, she was the Director of the Regional Water Management Board in Warsaw.

In 2021, she worked in the ORLEN Capital Group companies. She was the President of the Management Boards of Baltic Power and ORLEN Neptun, where she was responsible for the development of Polish and foreign offshore wind energy projects.

She has many years of experience in Supervisory Boards of State Treasury companies. She is a member of the Coordination Council for Offshore Wind Energy.


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Energy Security of Europe