Brig. Gen. Karol Molenda

Commander of the Cyberspace Defence Forces

International expert, specialising in building and implementing innovative solutions in the field of cyber security. Passionate and creator of improvements in the areas of: computer incident response, computer forensics and ICT security.
A practitioner who has successfully fulfilled the Minister of National Defence's stated goal of establishing a Cyberspace Defence Force, based on experience gained from leading and commanding multiple organisational units dealing with defence
and protection of national and allied cyberspace. Special forces officer, experienced in conducting operations in cyberspace.
Co-creator and supervisor of scientific and research projects in the field of modern technologies (e.g. Milnet-T, Mercury communicator). Co-founder of one of the most advanced computer forensics laboratories.
Active participant in relationship-building activities with allies and key international partners.
Graduate of the Military University of Technology (M.Sc.) at the Faculty of Electronics and postgraduate MBA in cyber security at the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology. Graduate of postgraduate studies in the field of cyber security at the Warsaw School of Management.


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The Strategy of Russian Indirect Activities as an Another Option for Hybrid Warfare

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Reconnaissance and communication are the keys to success on the multi-domain battlefield