Col. Dariusz Dachowicz, PhD

Former Commander of the 1st Special Commando Regiment, Special Forces Component Command representative

During his military carrier he served at various levels in special forces for over 28 years, from the level of section commander to the commander of a special forces unit. He commanded 1st Special Forces Regiment, served as DCOS Support at Polish Special Operations Command (POLSOCOM) and as Polish Defense Attaché in Egypt. During the NATO Response Forces duty, he was the DCOM of the NATO Special Operations Forces Component Command (2020). His last military assignment was the position of DCOS OPS of the POLSOCCOM.

Participant of four missions: IFOR and SFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Iraq as GROM unit member. He holds a Master’s degree in Management. He also holds a PhD in humanities in the field of security from NDU and completed strategic program - NSP at Canadian Force Collage. He completed post – graduated studies on national security and military foreign affairs and several courses in Joint Special Operations University and George Marshall Center.

He was lecturing at NDU in Warsaw, the University College of Applied Sciences in Chełm. Currently he is lecturing at Jagiellonian University in Craco


/ 14:45 - 16:00 / Scene -

The increasing role of special operations in full-scale conflicts (example of Ukraine)

/ 10:15 - 11:30 / Scene -

Partisan warfare of the 21st century