Col. Łukasz Andrzejewski-Popow, PhD, DSc

General Councillor of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces

Col. Łukasz Andrzejewski-Popow, as a helicopter pilot, has been professionally associated with manned military aviation since the beginning of his military service. The Colonel's high training skills are confirmed by his military pilot's master class and over 2,100 hours of flight time on various types of aircraft. He performed flights on the Mi-17 helicopter, and currently flies on the W-3 SOKÓŁ helicopters. He is a pilot trained in flying in all weather conditions, day and night.

However, it is not manned aviation, but unmanned aviation that seems to be the issue that has been absorbing the Commander of the 12th Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Base since January 2014. It is clearly visible that the desire to engage and interest other people in issues related to unmanned systems determines its activity. His extraordinary creativity and openness to novelties definitely distinguishes him from other soldiers.


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Gryf, Zefir and Harpy Claw – New Capabilities for Reconnaissance and Strike. Unmanned Aerial Systems