Col. Mariusz Chmielewski

Deputy Commander of the Cyberspace Defence Forces

IT architect and scientist, involved in system building and research in the fields of artificial intelligence, cyber security and decision support. Laureate of more than 100 prestigious awards granted by national and international scientific community in the area of significant inventions, e.g. in the field of biomedicine and command support.
He carries out R&D projects and research in the field of command support, computer simulation and application of artificial intelligence methods in biomedicine at the Faculty of Cybernetics, WAT.
He is responsible for the construction, implementation and maintenance of unclassified and classified RON ICT services and systems.
In 2012, he defended with distinction his doctoral thesis on the application of artificial intelligence methods and semantics analysis in the identification of crisis situations.
He is a didactician and a promoter of knowledge in the field of computer science, teaching original classes in more than 23 thematic modules in the fields of software engineering, artificial intelligence, programming and cyber security.


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Autonomous Systems and AI in Expanding the Operational Capabilities