MG (Ret.) Leon Komornicki

MG (Ret.) of the Polish Army

Retired Major General of the Polish Army Leon Komornicki is an expert of the BCC for internal affairs and administration, Minister for the Defense Industry of the Economic Shadow Cabinet of the BCC and a founding member of the BCC Council of Organizers.

From 1968 to 1998 he was a professional soldier of the Polish Army, where he held command and staff positions from the platoon commander to the deputy chief of the General Staff, including. In his professional career, he was commander of the 8th Tank Regiment, commander of the 5th Armored Division, Chief of Staff of the Silesian Military District and Commander of the Warsaw Military District. In 1989 he was appointed Brigadier General and in 1992 Major General. In 1998, at his own request, he was released from professional military service and transferred to the reserve. He is a co-creator and implementer of the idea of building the Monument to the Fallen and Murdered in the East. Since 1991 Chairman of the Foundation for the Fallen and Murdered in the East, which financed the Monument’s construction. It was unveiled in Warsaw on September 17, 1995. He is also the originator and co-organizer of the Military Sports Federation. In the years 1995 -2005 he was its first president. Since 1998, an entrepreneur and owner of a consulting company, also a member of Supervisory Boards of domestic and foreign companies. He is the chairman of the Industrial Committee of the Euro-Atlantic Association. He is also the author of many articles and opinions on the Art of War and Military Strategy and the Polish defense industry, which were published in "Rzeczpospolita" and on the portals: Defence24 and the Foundation of the Institute of Security and Strategy.

Interests: sport, playing tennis, sailing, theatre. He writes poems and epigrams. In 1996, Bellona Publishing House published a volume of his epigrams "Fraszki Nie-sztabowe" and in 2018 Tom Fraszek.


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