PhD Kamila Junik

Jagiellonian University

PhD Kamila Junik, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Near and Far East Studies, Jagiellonian University; indologist, orientalist, cultural expert. Graduate of oriental philology (specialisation in indology) and Middle Eastern cultural studies at the Jagiellonian University. Doctor of humanities in literary studies. Teacher of Hindi and Urdu since 2003; proficient oral and written translator of Urdu and Hindi for more than a decade (specialised translations in the fields of criminal law, immigration, business, construction, etc. for the judiciary and other services); also provides expertise in the languages, culture and politics of South Asian countries. Her research interests include: contemporary Hindi and Urdu literature, Hindi and Urdu languages, literary and legal translation (Urdu, Hindi), socio-political, religious and cultural problems and conflicts in South Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), the situation of women, the women's movement and feminism (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh), contemporary artistic phenomena and audiovisual culture (India, Pakistan) and Islam in South Asia. Author of monographs, translations from Hindi literature into Polish, academic articles.


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Participation of women in the armed forces in selected African and Asian countries - challenges and opportunities