Piotr Sankowski, PhD


Piotr Sankowski serves as president of IDEAS NCBR. He is a professor at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Warsaw, where he received his habilitation in 2009 and his PhD in computer science in 2005. His research interests are in algorithmics, with a particular focus on algorithmic graph analysis and data analysis algorithms. Piotr Sankowski received his PhD in physics in the field of solid state theory at the Polish Academy of Sciences in 2009. He is the first Pole to receive 4 European Research Council (ERC) grants. In 2010 it was an ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant, in 2015 an ERC Proof of Concept Grant, in 2017 an ERC Consolidator Grant and in 2023 another ERC Proof of Concept Grant. He is co-founder and CSO of the spin-off MIM Solutions.


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Autonomous Systems and AI in Expanding the Operational Capabilities